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HAZAFRESA is a brand that was created in order to promote an agricultural project, the main activity being the cultivation and marketing of strawberries and red berries.

Among many other targets, our current goal is to export part of the production, which takes place in modular greenhouses with integral equipment.

Climate controls are carried out and controls of moisture, irrigation and fertiirrigation (fertilization-irrigation) are made through the hydroponic cultivation system. This technique allows you to grow on substrates in height not depending upon the soil.

With the good reception of Hazafresa, we have embarked on the adventure of widening the range of products, the volume of production and hence the improvement of the competitiveness of prices.

With these objectives, we have created two companies: Global Hazafruit as importer and marketer in Spain and HZF Global Tangier based in Morocco, as producer and exporter.

From HZF Global Tanger, through our stations of Agadir, Larache and Jaddida, we can offer a wide variety of high quality horticultural products.

The choice of products for travel in fridge, or in container at temperature, must be compatible with themselves, although there are frigos, in which different temperatures can be programmed, with dividers, to avoid the ethylene that come from some fruits and vegetables, damaging each other.

We have all necessary documentation, as well as the sanitary registrations, licenses and permits to export to any country, by land, sea or air; we have forwarders in Tangier, Agadir, Casablanca and Algeciras, as well as agreements with various international carriers.

Down below you can see a list of products, which, according to their sizes, are presented, in standard form in packets of wood or cardboard, in bulk or in layers of paper, and in some cases according to the needs of the customer.

The pallets used to transport are Europeans or Americans pallets according to country and customer; all standardized in accordance with international regulations of transport and health.